Starting a streetwear or clothing  brand?

The process of begining a brand can  be daunting, identifiing the customer your really think your brand speaks to including creating a brand that really projects that brand identity that really  slaps is hard enough. Our goal is to take some of the heavy lifting off of the process of brand development and creation. Once you have identified the direction you want to move we can walk you through the process of everything from logo creatation and branding, to mock ups and selecting your blanks for produciton, our team of branding experts are happy to help. Reach out to us below for information.




Options are essential. Know yours.








Cost effect option used for 

Apperal, headwear and complex designs. This needle are option yields beautiful outcomes with various thread options. whether your doing a basic lettering job or a complex brand or company logo. Embroidery looks and feels like a refined and a lux decorating technique. Your options vary with metallic thread embroidery, reflective, flame retradent as well as glow in the dark threads. When it comes to need art your imagination is key. Contact our store representive for a full range of options.


Puff or foam embroidery is a dimsional way to add a pop factor to embroidery. Due to the complexity  of working with dense foam and the limitation of foam with certain designs foam may or may not be the best out come for a designs. Puff can be used on both headwear and apperal and can create an amazing 3d effect to with the right art. 


The is a french word the appliqation of a material layered on another material in order to create a desiered effect Appliqué adds an amazing pop factor to any garment but is used prodominatly in the sports apperal area. Appliqué can be created by using twills, felts, as well as chennile, vinal and leather materials.


Embroidery can feel a little complicated but lets make things a bit more clear

There are 3 steps to getting the project going.

1. Submitting your art for approval rule of thumb is the cleaner the art you submit the better your result. You can email or upload your cart to the right.

2. Work with a branding expert to know what the best options for you project are including things like whether foam or applique could work best for your project.

3. confirm your sample out. we will forward you a sample out of what your logo will look before we begin with your project. This includes size color and postioning of your project.

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Vectorizing  is a big part of the process of getting your logo in a clean and workable  format, if your a cunning branding expert and have this part figured out then submitting a clean jpeg or png will work if a .ai or vector files is not available. 


This is no more then a big word for a logo that his been plotted via a embroidery file to tell our our machine stitches should go. contrarty to the name of the process this is a very simple process to understand. Plotting the points and having the software to do it is a different thing. With the world being as complex as it is its better to put this process in the hands of the people that can do it and with our pack prices that makes it all the easier to do.  Digitizing includes setting up our size parimaters as well as logo color set choice set up.


Once our digitiizing is done and we are ready to sample out your logo and look at the results this is an extra step that puts alot of quality control features in place and allows us to give you the best possible out come. Sample outs are normally an image of the actual embroidery so we can see what  the colors and the actual embroidered logo looks like.

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