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1st Day of School

Introducing Swagtex, your ultimate destination for top-quality and customizable designs for the first day of school! We understand the excitement and anticipation surrounding this special day, and we're here to make it even more memorable with our extensive collection of free designs. Our user-friendly website offers a wide variety of options that can be used for custom embroidery and printing, allowing you to create personalized apparel and accessories that capture the spirit of this important milestone.


From adorable school-themed illustrations to stylish typography and motivational quotes, our designs are perfect for students of all ages. Whether you're a teacher looking to create a sense of unity among your students or a parent wanting to commemorate this significant day, Swagtex has you covered. Our high-quality designs can be easily customized to match your school colors and logo, making your first-day-of-school apparel truly unique. Celebrate this exciting new chapter with confidence, style, and a touch of swag. Visit Swagtex today and discover our exceptional collection of free first-day-of-school designs that will help make the start of the academic year truly unforgettable

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