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Turn the tables with Head-Turning Custom Tee Shirts



As a DJ you are probably used to spinning records, but now you can spin heads when your fans wear your merch. A stylish concert tee will not only turn heads but also get more people talking about you. Personalized t-shirts are also a great way to capture an event into a memento that you can wear! A custom t-shirt or any other piece of custom clothing can be designed to reflect the next event you hold so your fans can have physical memory.

A custom shirt is also a great gift for your fans to represent their pride in your work. However, it's an even better way to build up a big loyal following. Having an audience that recognizes itself upon clothing helps build a sense of community between listeners. Custom tee shirts can turn you from the small town DJ to a DJ who is able to go on nationwide tours.  

We are able to provide a variety of designs and logos for your custom t-shirt. We have logos with turntables, records, headphones, and microphones, all of which have a sleek font to pair for the perfect shirt design. Personalized t-shirts are so simple to make there’s no reason that your fans should have to go any longer without being able to represent their favorite DJ.

Keep the party going, even away from the turntables, with your custom tee shirts today.

Why Does A DJ Need Custom Clothing?

When it comes to the music industry, numbers talk. When people see others wearing your custom t-shirt they know they found a fan of you. When you have more fans more doors are able to open and soon the only creative limit you will have is your body and mind. Creating custom clothing allows your fan base to grow and with that, your influence and reach will grow. By seeing fans in personalized t-shirts the fanbase is able to look much more unified and enthusiastic about your work. Having fans who show off and defend your work is exactly what is needed for growth and custom shirts help form those fans. 

Not only does custom clothing help create more dedicated fans but it also helps with getting new ones. An unheard-of DJ who has attractive clothing may get people to look them up based on an attractive t-shirt design. Custom tee shirts work as branding and advertising as much as it works as a way for your fans to show their support. When people who have never heard of you see someone wearing your cool concert tee that's an opportunity for a new fan.

Custom clothes help create not only style and community but also recognition. 

How Do I Make A custom Tour T-Shirt

Obviously, it takes time to become a tour-worthy DJ so you may not have a lot of free time. That’s why we’re happy to say that making a custom DJ shirt doesn’t need to be hard or time-consuming, which is why we make sure it isn’t. We make it so your shirts can be designed in the easiest manner. The first step is selecting one of our logos which helps you save the time of having to design one. Our music logos range from turntable logos, microphone logos, radio logos, and more. After choosing from our logos you can choose what type of shirt you would like. From there you can choose your printing style and then move on to either further editing or checkout. As you can tell the steps seem small because they are. 

Making a custom DJ shirt is quick and simple, from design choice to actual printing we try our best to remove the difficulties in shirt making for you. Your shirts can be designed and ordered within minutes so you don't need to spend ages worrying about how your shirt will come out. 

How Can I Order Custom T-Shirts in Bulk?

We dedicate ourselves to helping accomplish the customer's vision which is why we would love for you to contact us. If you need to contact us for bulk orders or for any other reason you can use the form at the bottom of the page or book an appointment with us.  Along with bulk orders and our basic screen printing, we also provide other services such as embroidery and patches.

When it comes to creating custom clothing we want to be able to help everyone in any way we can. We take pride in helping all our customers. So please don’t be shy or afraid and feel free to contact us whenever. We hope that we can make custom t-shirts to help take your DJ game off the charts.


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