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Make Yourself The Most Memorable Mechanic With Custom T Shirts!



The best way to get business is to make sure everybody knows your auto body shop name. One of the best ways to do that is through custom clothes featuring your auto body shop’s name or a professional mechanic logo! One great way to utilize custom t shirts and clothes is by giving them out as gifts. When you work on a client's vehicle, giving them a custom hat or custom shirt with your automotive logo is a great gift to give them to remember you by. While you might not give every single client a hat or shirt, for those long term customers who have been visiting you for years with everything from a tire rotation to an oil change, it would go a long way. Giving your clients a small gift not only is kind and a courteous gesture but it also helps you spread your company logo and name to potential new clients.  Even in today’s day and age of technology and social media, one of the best marketing tools for businesses is still word of mouth from reliable sources.

Anytime somebody sees your custom mechanicl t shirt being worn, your body shop logo and name prominently displayed. Custom clothes are like a stylish moving advertisement for your car repair company. Those who haven’t heard of your repair shop will gain interest in it. Those who have heard of you will be the ones wearing your custom t shirts which creates brand loyalty and repeat customers towards your vehicle maintenance shop. With our t shirt screen printing process you can have your car shop t shirt design produced in large amounts quickly and affordably. 

Getting everyone to remember your bodywork and name should be easy and that’s what we like to help make it. Even if you don’t have a logo our t-shirt design creator has automotive shop logos for you. So rev your engine and rush towards your new auto shop tees today!

What Is The Reason To Have Custom Mechanic Clothes?

When it comes to custom mechanic clothes the uses are plentiful and span far beyond just making sure your car shop stays recognized. One great use for custom clothes is looking more professional. When a shop has its mechanics united under one logo everyone seems much more organized and uniform.Your auto repair logo is going to be the thing that soothes the customer and allows them to trust a mechanic. Having employees in custom company branded shirts will make customers more confident in the fact that they picked a solid and reliable auto shop. As you know, a car is a possession that is extremely personal to people, it’s somewhere we spend a large portion of our time in. A major component in the auto-repair industry is trust, and nothing builds trust like great work. Unfortunately, in order for a potential client to see your great work they first have to give you a chance, by you and your auto repair technicians looking professional in expertly-crafted mechanic uniforms, the odds of you locking in a new client are that much greater.

Custom mechanic tees are also a great way to give back to your employees. When you give your mechanics company clothing so they don't need to work in their own personal ones you are performing a very respectful gesture. Providing your mechanics with a custom t shirt, an embroidered patch with their name on it for their automotive overalls you are not only giving a gift buy making sure they don’t end up spilling oil or grease on their personal clothes. No matter what working conditions you're in, we've got you covered. We have coveralls, hats, carhartt jackets, and more so you are able to find a piece for your workers no matter what the conditions are. 

Need patches for your existing mechanic uniforms? We’ve got you covered their too! Our commercial embroidery machines can knock out 100s of premium embroidered patches with no sweat!

Custom automotive clothes are an amazing way to support your auto repair business from the inside and out. Come and get your custom mechanical shop designs turned into reality today.

How Can I Make Custom T Shirts For My Auto Repair Shop?

We know that when it comes to t shirt design a lot of people can be confused about where to start. We also know that as a mechanic you don't always have a lot of free time. That's why we are glad to say that we’ve made the process fast and simple. With our t-shirt design creator you 

can have your shirt designed in minutes, even if you don't have a logo! The first step in our process is choosing your logo from our gallery of pre designed automotive repair inspired logos and templates. After you choose your body shop logo you can go on to choose what you want to place your logo on. You can then choose the print method along and move on to filling out the long with your automotive company’s logo. Now you can choose to checkout or you can choose to further edit your custom t shirt by preforming actions such as adding text and moving your company logo. 

Our t shirt design process was made so you can create shirts in the easiest way possible. Each of our steps can be done within a minute which means that you can have your shirt design ready to print within a short handful of time. Creating custom t shirts for your auto repair shop has never been easier so come try it out today!

Don’t see a mechanic logo that you like or have an existing logo that you’re using? Let our expert graphic designers craft you a premium logo with whatever imagery / style you desire just request custom design services here.

How Can I Get Bulk Custom T Shirts For My Auto Shop?

Not everyone in the auto industry has the same exact needs and we understand that. That is why we try our best to help people the best way we can. Part of that process includes having a variety of services aside from our standard screen printing. Those services include our embroidery services, a variety of patch services, and many more! In the event that our services don’t cover what you need, you need a bulk order, or you simply need to contact us we would be happy to talk. You can feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form at the bottom of any Swag Tex page or by making an appointment with us.

So whether you are into rebuilding engines, general body work, or just like fixing cars in general we would be happy to assist. Please contact us anytime you need. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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