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Are you a gym owner or fitness business owner who wants to make gym merch for your gym or fitness center? 

If so, our customized fitness apparel is for you. With our free, unique fitness logos and designs, you can make fitness t-shirts, tanks, or shorts perfect for your business needs. With the help of Swag Tex, you can bring your gym promotion to the next level. Start creating creative and attractive designs and logos that make gym members happy to buy!

Whether your gym members are bodybuilders, weightlifters, yogis, etc. comfy gym clothes are a staple when it comes to doing any form of exercise. 

Worried about our quality? Don’t sweat it. It’s essential to us that your gym t-shirts, gym tanks, and more are affordable and well-made with the best quality materials.

We want to help you give your best merch to your gym members. 

What Do Customers Wear To The Gym?

If you want to market to your customers, it’s best to understand and give them what they need and want when they go to the gym. Gym members are more likely to invest in comfortable and practical gym clothes. Gym goers are constantly moving and sweating so if you’re making clothing merch, you’ll need to make clothes that aren’t too tight and provide breathability. 

As the saying goes: look great, feel great. For many people, customization is essential. It helps your customers feel both confident and exhilarated when they’re working out at your gym.

Other merch you should target your investment in is the common go-to workout necessities like:

  • Customized fitness t-shirts

  • Customized gym tank tops

  • Customized shorts with liners

  • Customized gym bags

Gym members will be thrilled to spice up their gym workout with your custom-made fitness t-shirts, gym tanks, and more! They’ll buy custom-made clothes for fitness to rep your place and stay motivated with their workout routine.

When gym-goers see your customized fitness apparel, they’ll feel motivated to continue their workout since they have a solid reminder that others are also on a workout grind. 

Customized gym bags are great merch to consider for any gym owner to put money into. Many gym goers take their workout essentials when they go to your gym or fitness center. 

First, gym bags are often used daily. If people are going to your gym often and regularly, they’ll need a high-quality gym bag and they’ll want to rep your place.

At Swag Tex, you can choose from our original and free fitness logos and designs. Alternatively, you can make a brand new logo or design with the help of our design and sales teams. 

Swag Tex allows you to fully customize garments of high quality, which means you’ll be able to put your company name and logo on them. We also offer screen printing for your garments and products. At Swag Tex, our talented and knowledgeable design and sales team can help turn your custom clothing dreams into a reality. 

Comfy Workout Clothes For Group Fitness

Many people love getting a gym membership at a local gym or gymnasium for group fitness classes. Working out with their community is a great way to be motivated to stay fit and healthy. Plus, it’s easier for people to start doing cardio with group fitness since they won’t be alone and it’s fun!

As a gym owner, it’s also important to strive to enhance your members’ experience. 

If your gym offers gym members yoga classes, pilates classes, or Zumba classes, custom apparel for these classes can also be an excellent gift choice. 

Our customized t-shirts or tank tops come with free, unique designs to choose from. Complementing clothes is a creative and fun way for everyone in the group to get even more involved during group fitness activities!

Imagine your customized fitness t-shirt with one of our free, unique fitness designs or logos. That’s taking group fitness synchronization to the next level!

Customized t-shirts with a unique design are a fantastic way to promote unity and spirituality among yogis and other members. Your fitness group will feel more emotionally connected with another with the help of customized fitness apparel.

Besides, it gives your group fitness members an amazing gift to remember and keep after their intense workout routines!

Start Customizing Your Fitness Wear Today!

At Swag Tex, we have many options, feel free to take a look at the free, unique fitness logos and designs we offer. Our logos are made easily accessible on this page. After you’ve found a logo to your liking, you can click on it. Then, you can start the fun part: customizing your fitness apparel.

If you need help at any point, chat with us! Swag Tex design and sales teams can help. We’re happy to work with you to make changes to our free, existing logos and designs or create new fitness logos and designs from scratch. 

Want a fresh and innovative fitness design or logo for gym regulars? Just reach out to us to book an appointment for Swag Tex’s premium design services. Our teams will happily help you create the perfect fitness logo or design for your company, class, and more! 

Curious to learn more about Swag Tex? We also provide many others such as blanks (undecorated apparel), custom embroidered hats, screen printing, and custom patches.

Chat with one of our live agents or call/text for more info!

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