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Reasons To Customize Medical T-shirts and Apparel



Are you looking for customized medical t-shirts or pre-med t-shirts to celebrate or memorialize milestones for your students and medical professionals? 

Then, Swag Tex’s free, unique medical logos and designs are best for you. 

A customized medical t-shirt is a great way to unify all your med and pre-med students to give them a keepsake during their years of higher education. Custom-made t-shirts are affordable and offer flexible personalization to your needs. You’ll be able to make printed shirts, embroidered shirts, and personalize the lettering. There’s something for everyone, even med and pre-med students, pre-med and med organizations, and medical professionals.

Along with embroidered t-shirts, if you need embroidering done, we also offer local embroidery for your embroidered scrub and embroidered white coat needs. You’ll be able to best personalize embroidered white coats and embroidered scrubs for your medical professionals.

Customized medical t-shirts are the perfect way to celebrate and show off your pre-med students’ hard work.

Plus, any medical student will love to receive a free and appealing customized t-shirt from their medical school. It’s crucial to consider that pre-med students want you to invest in pre-med t-shirts that they won’t hate and will keep even after they finish medical school. After all, you’re personalizing a gift for them to wear and remember their time in med school. 

Also, medical students and professionals join medical clubs or organizations to have fun while networking. Whether it’s a casual club or a professional association, it’s essential to build team spirit. Many pre-med or med students and medical professionals unwind through club activities after intense study sessions. 

If you’re hosting club events or club night outs for your club or association to have fun or celebrate, consider investing in medical t-shirts. An excellent part about customized t-shirts is that they help your event-goers feel unity and the club’s team spirit. 

Imagine when your club members see or wear your customized shirt, they can associate the shirt with the great memories they have from club meetings and activities. With our customized shirts, you can make professional t-shirts like embroidered medical polo shirts. You can also create professional or fun printed medical t-shirts. Embroidered shirts and printed shirts can also encourage more people to attend and participate in club meetings.

Your customized t-shirt is a physical representation of how far your medical students have come in their higher-level education. To best congratulate and celebrate their achievements, you can create high-quality customized t-shirts that they’ll be proud of wearing. 

At Swag Tex, you can embroider your custom embroidered apparel. You can create embroidered scrubs and white coats to match the norm and culture of specific rotation sites. The embroidery dos and don’ts may not be clear, but we got you covered. 

First, avoid embroidering degrees or titles on your embroidered scrubs, embroidered doctor coats, or embroidered white coats. No medical professional wants to be known for embroidering multiple post-graduate degrees or titles that will embarrass them.

Medical professionals need scrubs and white coats, but customizing them takes them to the next level. Customized white coats and scrubs allows patients to identify medical professionals. It’s also a great way to make medical apparel fun for your medical workers while maintaining professionalism between the patients.

You can’t go wrong with embroidering your scrubs and white coats with your medical professionals’ first and last names. You can make your embroidered scrubs and embroidered white coats more interesting by adding a custom embroidered logo or embroidered design.

The embroidery process may seem overwhelming to start. However, Swag Tex’s embroidery process makes it easy for you to create high-quality personalized white coats and scrubs in 3 steps.

  • Submit your art for approval. The most important thing is to submit an image with the best quality possible to reflect your ideal final product. You can submit your image via email or upload.

  • Work with our branding expert. Our Swag Tex teams can help you decide the best embroidery type for your project: puff, appliqué, chenille, and more!

  • Confirm your sample. Swag Tex will forward your project sample to you. Then, you can confirm your project’s size, colors, and positioning before we begin the stitching.

Customized White Coats for Doctors and Students

Think of when you go to your hospital, and picture a doctor. Most likely, you’re thinking of a doctor in a white coat with a stethoscope. Maybe they’re carrying a clipboard and have a few pens in their pockets. 

That imagery comes up because long white coats, to the thighs or knees, have been a symbol for doctors for a long time.

The best way for patients to easily distinguish their physicians from one another is by customizing the classic long white coats. Your doctors likely wear customized long white coats showcasing their last name or one of our free, original customized medical logo.

Other than for identification, a long white coat is necessary because it helps to promote cleanliness. When a long white coat gets stained, it’s especially apparent. Doctors will see the stain and know to switch to a clean white coat.

However, it’s still necessary to frequently change and clean long white coats to prevent the non-visible germs from spreading to other patients. Thus, you’ll have to supply your doctors with multiple white coats they can wear and swap out to stay clean. A clean long white coat helps signify to patients that the medical environment is kept free from contamination.

Long white coats also show ranks in the hospital and each medical professional’s place. They’re crucial as they allow patients and other medical professionals to identify the physician. 

Most patients prefer and trust doctors who wear a white coat. Going the extra mile for your patients can help ease their hospital visits and provide a better experience.

Bulk ordering customized long white coats can go a long way to help your doctors build trust with their patients, promote a clean hospital environment, and prevent the spread of illnesses.

Medical students should wear short white coats. The short white coats show that they’re still in medical school. 

For your students, getting a short white coat is something to celebrate. You can customize your short white coats to make the experience of getting one more memorable. Customized short white coats are also great for helping other medical professionals identify medical students during their clinical rotations.

Historically, long white coats are for doctors and physicians who have completed their higher education. It’s a crucial distinction among medical professionals that the length of the white coat matters. Although, long white coats and short white coats have the same benefits and usage.

Custom-Made Medical Scrubs for Doctors, Nurses, and Students

For doctors, nurses, and students, customized medical scrubs are essential.

Scrubs prevent the spread of germs and bacteria when medical professionals interact with their patients. That way, they can promote cleanliness and hygiene in and out of the workplace. Scrubs provide the best of both worlds by being comfortable and long-lasting for frequent use.

At Swag Tex, it’s possible to order customized medical scrubs in bulk for your medical workers. 

You can embroider your medical workers’ first names or nicknames on their scrubs for other medical workers. Customized medical scrubs with a doctor, nurse, or student’s name help patients identify who is assisting them.

Customized medical scrubs with one of our free, original medical logos can also better showcase the hospital’s professionality. With customized medical scrubs, your medical professionals will best carry the hospital’s image through their attire and work. Moreover, customized medical scrubs also prevent them from being stolen or lost. 

Customized scrubs are both fun and professional, plus our Swag Tex teams can help make the process simple for you!

How Do I Get Started With Customized Medical Apparel?

We sure hope you’re eager to get started! If you have questions at any point, chat with us, we’ll be here to assist you. 

First, scroll down this page to our many free, unique medical designs and logos. Once you’ve found a logo to your liking, make sure to click on the logo. Then, go through and start the design process.

If our free, unique medical designs and logos aren’t what you’re looking for, we can help you alter them to your needs. If you want a logo or design unique to your hospital, medical school, or pharmacy, we can create it! 

For a unique medical logo or design, make sure to contact us by booking an appointment.

Our excellent sales and design team are here to help you create the perfect medical logo or design to meet your business needs!

Get to know Swag Tex and what else we can do for you! Swag Tex offers many services like blanks (undecorated apparel), custom embroidery (e.g. hats, polos, scrubs, and more), screen printing, and custom patches.

Chat with one of our live agents or call/text for more info!

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